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On the face of it, the relationship between the Pisces man and the Leo woman seems very one sided, with the strong fire sign taking the lead. In reality, however, both of these partners are needy in their own way, and for that reason, Pisces man Leo woman compatibility has more than its fair share of problems. The Leo woman is initially drawn to the Pisces man because she appreciates his serenity.

The Pisces man is drawn to the Leo woman by her warmth and her love of life, as well as that magnetism she has. This couple have strong sexual compatibility and for the Pisces man and Leo woman, compatibility may well be forged in the bedroom. The Leo woman needs to be adored, and she needs to be the center of attention.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman - The Unusual and Riveting Compatibility

Selfishness is a Problem. Meanwhile, the Pisces man wants someone who will share his emotional highs and lows with him. No problem for the Leo woman — at least, as far as the highs are concerned. She will happily join in his exuberance and his joy, as she has a very sunny and optimistic demeanor herself. Her instinctive approach will be to tell him in no uncertain terms to get a grip. What will the neighbors think? If there are any histrionics in this relationship, the Leo woman wants to be the one doing them. Pisces man Leo woman compatibility therefore has several important hurdles to cross if it is to survive.

If the couple can overcome their differences, they can make this work. The Pisces man is a mutable sign , and will work hard to provide what his Leo woman wants. In return, however, he expects her to budge a bit too.

Pisces Man - Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Relationships between a Pisces man and a Leo woman can be passionate and exciting. The two may face some challenges though. Learn more about this. Love match compatibility between Leo woman and Pisces man. Read about the Leo female love relationship with Pisces male.

However passive he may be, he will always have her side, a value which endears him to her. As far as sexual intimacy goes, Leo women and Pisces men really are the best of both worlds. Pisces are kings at romance, taking great pride in mastering what makes their lover smile and fall in love again and again.

Pisces man and Leo woman

Leos are innately very sexual creatures. In fact, bad sex is often a deal breaker for any long term relationship with a Leo woman. With passionate, lusty sex coming from her side and romantic, sensual loving from his, sex is always an enjoyable adventure. A difference in styles means neither will get bored, as the lioness will take charge to achieve her desires.

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In the bedroom, there is no downside to this pairing and may well be the strongest advantage they have outside of genuinely being kind people. As mentioned previously, if one were to describe a Leo woman as a leader, it would be gracious and kind. When in charge, she will not intentionally use her position or power to abuse for her own gain. Even as a bit of an attention or glory seeker, she still holds true to her values.

She will function well alone and in a group but is more liable to slip into laziness in the latter.

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But he still wants to be with me and he claims that he loves me but I find myself not sure if he's really sincere or telling me the truth even though in my heart I truly wish that he does sincerely love me. I'm very happy I never listened to all of the zodiac compatibility things saying that a Pisces and Leo can't make a relationship work. On the positive side, both Leo women and Pisces men are built for romance and sex, with intimacy likely being the strongest point of their relationship. Should I stay or should I go? I haven't cried as much nor felt as much before. The Air Signs, namely Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are very chilled out and light-hearted folks, and do not like getting worked up about things. Sure traditional sun sign matches say we are a disaster, but he is teaching me patience and I am learning how to consider the feelings of others in my decisions something very hard to do as a Leo!

Pisces is extremely helpful and excels in a team environment, but his selfless nature invites him to be easily manipulated into doing work for the lazy. In power, he is as kind, helpful, and just as his Leo woman is, but lacks any drive to draw attention to himself. His wisdom and intuitiveness may propel his rise to leadership even if he is entirely uncomfortable with leading at all.

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The majority of their positive values truly align, and the adventurous drive of the lioness keeps the pairing brimming with excitement. Pisces men are true slaves to their emotions, causing the highs to be far sweeter and the lows more bitter. Luckily, the stability of a Leo woman can keep him safely out of those negative extremes, and he will consistently acknowledge her efforts which is important to her.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

The show of a little jealousy when she is admired by others may work in his favour too. However, he wants to be careful when it comes to his own character.

Pisces Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

The Pisces man surely does not want to go through the Leo woman's attitude if she finds that her trust in him has been betrayed. It is a situation where the Pisces man would never want himself to be in. The degree of romance in this relationship may vary. During times of mutual admiration, you can expect the "romantic teen" to come out in both partners. However, the Leo woman sometimes likes to think with her mind, rather than the heart and the Pisces man is always fearful of losing a loved one. This virtue in both partners may sizzle out the romance at times, but is only a sign of stability and togetherness.

This will draw them closer.

Pisces Man And Leo Woman: Nature Of Bonding

Both partners will need to be mature enough to look beyond this point and accept the fact that their goals and visions are aligned. The sexual relationship between a Pisces man and a Leo woman is also a story of opposite traits, but very complementary. The Leo woman will like to dominate, while the Pisces man will like to be the slave. Add to this fact that both partners typically like fantasies, you have a very explosive combination. The Leo woman will surely display spurs of burning passion and command the Pisces man to pleasure her.

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