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Until one day around I realized that sears had been covertly making craftsman tools in china. So my entire collection years and years of collecting was sold in months on ebay. A bunch of it I gave to my friend, Ryan. I purchased Craftsman tools, and still have all of them.

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I am now retired and still use those tools. When my time is up, those tools, and a great many others will pass on to my grand kids.

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That is the way it used to be. A lot of professionals used Craftsman tools day in and day out.

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In this page we'll look at the Craftsman "Modern Era" that began around , with a particular emphasis on the manufacturer of the Craftsman "V" series tools. Page created, not much content yet. Some stores limit the tubular ratchet line adopted a drive tools. Added Craftsman Battery Pliers. If we now look forward to the Craftsman "modern era", the most striking change to be seen is that, for the first time, Craftsman tools had a common design to serve as a brand identity. As of , many Sears stores do not offer the kits to consumers; instead, they will either rebuild the customer's ratchet or provide one that they have already rebuilt.

The could not do that with what Craftsman is making today. The quality has gone from top of the line to cheap harborfrieght junk. If I was a mechanic who relied on these tool every day I would be forced to go to snap on, Matco, etall to be assured not to break down mid job. Just so sad seeing a decent store and product nosediving. There are no many brands that can beat Craftsman. The tool sets are high-quality.

It is an American company and the company provides their tools via different online shops all over the world. The tools will durable for the lifetime. I was a s kid, but much of what you are talking about here was still true. People saved up for major purchases, like tool sets or furniture, and people wanted to buy things that would last for years, or even decades.

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I also remember the Sears catalog being the way that my dad made a lot of purchases, for everything from clothes to tools. Craftsman was still a major brand that stood for quality at this time. Maybe since then, companies have gradually shifted to more and more offshore OEMs to reduce margins, but the quality is just not there anymore.

The Harbor-Freight-ification of the tool and industrial equipment space, if you will.

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Such as what foundry forged the top, the machine work that was done etc. The Craftsman Brand was a good one for a long time not no more.

America has been infiltrated with imports at a 10th of the cost. The steel and forging process used to make these older tools are not used by the competition, times have changed. The middle class is been gutted by our own corporations, you can come up with the reasons but there are many.

Thanks for the throwback. How To Use A Multimeter. And your DeWalt tools are made where, China or Taiwan? At least they were a few months ago. Some are, but as time goes on more and more of them will be made in China. We can only hope.

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Where do you live? After the season, Craftsman withdrew from sponsoring the series and was replaced by Camping World. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If for any reason your Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair or replacement.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. A full polish ratchet. Retrieved September 25, The Standard of Quality".

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